Photograph of DSG at Mona Island, Puerto Rico by Michelle Scharer


Underwater acoustic dataloggers are used to record sounds in aquatic environments

We work with you to identify the best instrument for your application, whether it is recording ambient sound on a coral reef or the intense sounds from underwater construction.  Each recorder has a hydrophone for capturing underwater sounds as electrical signals and a datalogger that stores the sounds on flash memory.



The Snap underwater acoustic recorder harnesses over 20 years of experience in marine bioacoustics to deliver the world's easiest to configure underwater acoustic datalogger. The Snap was designed to be setup without a computer and records sounds directly as wav files. The Snap is perfect if you are just getting started with bioacoustics or want to up your game to deploy large arrays of recorders.

DSG-ST-short 720x720.jpg


The lowest power, longest recording acoustic recorder on the market. The DSG-ST is designed for long duration deployments with flexible sample rates (up to 288 kHz). 



The Remora-ST underwater acoustic recorder is the most compact, depth-defying acoustic recorder on the market. Ideal for attaching to underwater gliders and AUVs. Entirely self-contained with hydrophone and rechargeable lithium battery.


DSG Acoustic Datalogger

DSG setup: DSGschedule, DSGrecover, DSG2WAV