Loggerhead Turtle with OpenTag, Photo by Tony Tucker


Datalogging Tags

Datalogging tags store sensor data to flash memory, and need to be recovered to collect the data. To aid recovery tags can be configured with integrated releases, floatation, and VHF radio beacons. All Loggerhead datalogging tags are reusable and integrate rechargeable batteries. Datalogging tags have advantages over satellite tags in being able to store large amounts of data that could not be transmitted via satellite.



OpenTag measures 3D motion of marine animals or platforms with a rich sensor suite to measure: depth, temperature, acceleration, magnetic field, and rotational velocity. OpenTag can be used to measure pitch, roll, and yaw underwater as well as metrics for bioenergetics including ODBA and VDBA.



The Remora-ST acoustic recording tag supports wicked high sample rates (288 kHz), and so is an ideal tag for marine mammals, such as dolphins.