DSG-ST is the lowest-power underwater acoustic recorder on the market giving unprecedented deployment times.  Recordings are saved to high capacity memory cards.  DSG-ST was designed to be easy to assemble and deploy, so you can get started with making high quality acoustic recordings over long time periods. We also offer a mounting kit to simplify bottom or subsurface line mounts.

Easy to assemble and deploy with an LED in the hydrophone to indicate when it is recording.

Everything is included to get you started, including a memory card and hydrophone.

Available in:

PVC (depths to 300 m)

Aluminum (depths to 3,000 m). 

Sample rates


Higher sample rates allow you to record higher frequency sounds.  The highest frequency that can be recorded is one-half of the sample rate. Higher sample rates use more flash memory than lower sample rates.

Sample rates up to 288 kHz, including 24, 36, 48, 72, 96, and 144 kHz.

Up to 100 days continuous recording and even longer with intermittent recording on a duty cycle.


Dimensions: 17″x4.5″ diameter tube
Power: 4 alkaline D-cell packs
In-air weight: 8 pounds (without batteries)
Seawater weight: 6.3 pounds positive (without batteries)
Depth Rating: 300 m

Dimensions: 25"x4.5" diameter tube
Power: 8 alkaline D-cell packs
In-air weight: 17 pounds (without batteries)
Seawater weight: 3 pounds negative (without batteries)
Depth Rating: 3,000 m

Memory cards: Up to 256 GB microSD (3X compression increases memory capacity by up to 3 times)

DSG-ST Aluminum shown with optional mounting brackets

DSG-ST Aluminum shown with optional mounting brackets