Bioacoustic Analysis

Analyzing sound data can be very time consuming and there are few resources to help you get started.  We answer the most commonly asked questions here with example code.

Spherical Piezoceramic

calculating Sound levels

How do you go from a wav file and a hydrophone calibration to a sound level?  Check out our quick guide to calculating RMS dB and spectrum level dB using R.


frequency Response correction

Sometimes your sensor does not have a flat (same sensitivity at all frequencies) frequency response.  You can use a FIR filter to adjust the sensitivity so that your recordings have a flat frequency response. In this example we correct 3 axes of an accelerometer to have a flat frequency response for velocity.  The example could be modified to use any frequency response.


getting started with Matlab

MATLAB is a powerful program for signal processing, but the learning curve can be steep.  Check out our book MATLAB Simplified with practical applications.  Examples files are here.