Past Projects

Loggerhead Instruments has completed several special projects in collaboration with scientists.  These projects harness our open source tag designs to add new sensors and packaging.  Check out a few here.

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Medusa ocean profiler

The Medusa Ocean Profiler was created as part of an NSF grant in collaboration with Dr. Claire Paris at the University of Miami to study the environment of larval fishes. Two prototype profilers were created: a hydraulic profiler with a pump to control buoyancy and a mini-Medusa Profiler with a linear actuator to control buoyancy. The idea was to minimize costs so that hundreds of profilers could be produced to measure ocean properties and currents.


sea turtle mega-tag

Four tags in one! This project involved making a low-profile, low-drag tag integrating Remora-ST and OpenTag to measure motion and the acoustic environment on sea turtles. The tag integrates a burn wire release mechanism with two VHF antennas for tracking and recovery in any orientation.


custom accelerometer datalogger

This custom accelerometer board was designed to record high speed vibrations in a small package.