David Mann, PHD - President

David has extensive experience in bioacoustics and instrumentation development. He earned his PhD in Biological Oceanography from MIT and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, where he performed his doctoral work on sound production by domino damselfish at Johnston Atoll. Post-graduate work at the University of Maryland led to the discovery of ultrasound detection by some fishes. David was Vice President of TDT prior to joining the faculty at USF where he studied hearing and acoustic communication in fishes and marine mammals for 12 years.

Michael Hall - Senior project engineer

Mike brings nearly 20 years of ship and ocean engineering experience to Loggerhead Instruments.  With a mechanical engineering degree from North Carolina State University and recent stints running his own ocean engineering companies, Mike has a wealth of field experience and knowledge regarding the marine environment.



Loggerhead Instruments was founded in 2004 to make our advances in passive acoustics recording solutions available to scientists. Loggerhead built its first animal tags to record finescale motion of sea turtles and pinnipeds in 2010. Loggerhead acquired the scientific cloud computing assets and IP of Humu Labs in 2017.